Since its inception, the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA) and the NUCCA procedure has helped thousands of people of all ages regain and maintain their health throughout their lifetime. NUCCA is an important part of our health care system and offers an individualized, conservative approach to healing that enhances the body’s innate ability to be well. Even with so many remarkable results, NUCCA is still only practiced by a relatively small number of practitioners worldwide. However, the demand for this work is global and we are striving to increase the number of NUCCA practitioners in order to provide needed care.

NUCCA is growing, and to help inform the public about the benefits of NUCCA care and assist our practitioners in explaining the NUCCA procedure, we have developed this website with a number of tools such as educational information, research papers, videos and updates.

Please follow us as we help our members and the world understand more about this unique procedure that has profoundly helped so many people.

The world we live in is the legacy of those who have gone before us. The choices we make in it, create a legacy for those who will follow.
Dr. Stephen R. Covey