The Upper Cervical Monograph

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  • September 27, 2014

Volume 1, No 1; March 1973

Since the discontinuance of the official voice of the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association, Inc., known as NUCCA NEWS, the organization has received many requests from chiropractors and college students for old copies of the now defunct paper; there have been many requests for the organization to again publish a paper.  In response to these requests, the NUCCA Directive Board on November 4, 1972, authorized the publication of a new official voice.  It will be entitled THE UPPER CERVICAL MONOGRAPH.

THE MONOGRAPH will be published at intervals consistent with the progress in research being conducted by the NATIONAL UPPER CERVICAL CHIROPRACTIC RESEARCH ASSOCIATION, INC. (NUCCRA). It will contain articles of a technical nature, reports on the progress of NUCCRA research; and, in general, it will be of a more scientific nature than its predecessor, NUCCA NEWS.  However, articles of general interest to the profession will be included.

NUCCA members will receive THE MONOGRAPH without charge; non­members, who desire to receive THE MONOGRAPH regularly, will pay a nominal fee sufficient to cover printing, mailing and handling costs. Copies of the first issue will be sent without charge to selected chiropractors throughout the country, Canada and abroad.

Chiropractors who wish to receive THE MONOGRAPH, and who are not members of NUCCA, are invited to fill out the subscription notice on Page 2.  This offer to subscribe applies also to students enrolled in a chiropractic college.  Filling out the form in no way obligates the signer; it simply allows us to prepare for up-coming issues.  Single issues should not exceed fifty cents.

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