NUCCA Certification

The NUCCA Certification Program

The NUCCA Certification Program is an integral part of Chiropractic education, training, and development. Becoming proficient in all aspects of x-ray positioning, x-ray analysis, biomechanics, patient evaluation, set up, and adjusting are essential protocols to the reduction of the Atlas Subluxation Complex.

NUCCA seminars are designed to work in harmony with every aspect of the certification process and where a doctor’s attendance is strongly recommended. By participating in NUCCA seminars and conferences, a doctor is educated and trained by Board Certified NUCCA doctors in the understanding and application of this technique. The Certification Program is designed to create a powerful and effective coaching environment for the doctor and to help them further develop their skills in the “real world” of their practice. The certification process redefines the doctor’s perception of the required accuracy and intricacies of the A.S.C., while honing their skills in the performance of the adjustment.

The NUCCA technique and the Certification Program are often viewed as one of the most difficult and rigorous training programs in Chiropractic. It requires a paradigm shift regarding techniques to understand that it is the complexity of the cervical biomechanics (including regional neurological mechanisms) that are immensely demanding down to the last fraction of a degree of correction. It is being able to effectively apply distinctions developed and taught by NUCCA to the A.S.C. that allow a doctor the easiest, most predictable, and consistent ability to optimally reduce the C-1 subluxation complex.

The doctors that have completed this program and received Board Certification have gained an uncompromised skill in the understanding and correction of the A.S.C.. Through training, a Certified NUCCA Doctor is better able to address the many subtleties associated to the reduction of the A.S.C., versus the management of illusions based in errors and inaccuracies.

The completion of the NUCCA Certification Program is time and effort well spent for the difference that it could make in the life of the patients and the doctors experience in practice.

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