Here you will find a listed bibliography of research articles you may download and share. Just click on the link and download the paper. The National Library of Medicine (Pub Med) is the “go to” index for healthcare information for the world. When papers are submitted for publication, editors and peer reviewers go to Pub Med to find previous publications and others in support of the submission. It is crucial for NUCCA research to appear in Pub Med to allow anyone in the world to find it. Only those articles found in the indexed sections meet the high quality standards of Pub Med and best represent the high quality research performed by the NUCCA organization through UCRF.


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Copies of Posters Presented at various Scientific Conferences and Symposiums. Woodfield HC, Hart JF, Jacquemin PB. Inter-examiner reliability in analysis of orthogonal radiographs. Association of Chiropractic Colleges Research Agenda Conference....
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