Level III of Certification Candidate Requirements

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  • September 26, 2014

Level III candidates will be required to demonstrate the ability to take x-rays of excellent quality, analyze the x-rays accurately and “reduce” the ASC complex consistently.

The standards of this level of the certification are to bring together all the prior development through Level I and II. The doctor has the opportunity to further refine their x-ray placement and analysis skills while applying this information toward the reduction of the patient’s subluxation.

The x-ray submissions of Level III will require the doctor to maintain the same high standard of x-ray positioning and analysis in Levels I and II. Additionally, the doctor must demonstrate a reduction of the subluxation pattern by 80% or better on the post x-ray. The doctor is also responsible to provide biomechanical explanations about the x-rays that are being submitted.


  1. List the basic type of subluxation and give the characteristics.
  2. How is laterality produced and why that factor is significant?
  3. List the resistances encountered and how to overcome them.
  4. What frontal plane is the lower cervical angular rotation in?
  5. Explain the type of mastoid support to be used and why?
  6. What portion of the mastoid or skull (1) (2) (3) or (4): is placed on the mastoid support areas? (A) (B) (C) or (D). Explain why.
  7. Which headpiece angle will be used in each case?
  8. Did you change the adjusting vector, and if so why?
  9. What aspects of the adjustment do you feel you need to be more conscious of for this subluxation?
  10. Based on your pre and post x-ray findings would you expect the pattern to remain the same or change? Explain.
  11. Based on your pre and post x-ray findings would you change the headpiece placement or the adjusting vector in order to achieve a higher degree of correction?
  12. In comparing your pre and post x-rays, do you feel the patient x-ray placement was accurate? If not, explain.
  13. Based on the pre and post x-ray analysis and the objective findings, when do you think a redo of the pre x-ray is necessary?

The requirements for the submission of consecutive pre and post x-rays for certification review are as follows:


  • 1 set of pre and post x-rays.
  • 2 consecutive sets of pre and post x-rays.
  • 3 consecutive sets of pre and post x-rays.
  • 4 consecutive sets of pre and post x-rays.
  • 10 consecutive sets of pre and post x-rays to the NUCCA Certification Board.

At some point through this x-ray submission process, reductions of all four types of subluxation patterns must be demonstrated.

Previously reviewed x-rays may not be resubmitted.

At the completion of this series of x-ray review the doctor will achieve NUCCA Board Certification.

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