NUCCA Education

The NUCCA Educational Process

The NUCCA educational process supports the impeccable training of doctors and students in effort to provide the most advanced chiropractic spinal care possible. The training of NUCCA Practitioners focuses on acquiring skills to identify and understand the precise distinctions required to measure and reduce the Atlas Subluxation Complex (ASC) in a repeatable and predictable manner. The NUCCA procedure corrects and manages the subtle demands of the Atlas Subluxation Complex and the influences this misalignment of the first neck vertebrae has on the neurology of the upper cervical region of the brainstem.

In order to accurately evaluate and correct the upper cervical misalignment, NUCCA work requires accurate pre and post treatment x–rays. Therefore, an essential requirement of the NUCCA education is learning how to ensure that x–ray diagnostics are uniform and correct in both the positioning of the patient as well as exposures and evaluation. Equally strong emphasis is placed on the analyses and bio–mechanical interpretation and evaluation of repeatable pre and post treatment x–rays. This information is then easily transferable from practitioner to practitioner with maximal corrections and consistently high standards of practice.

Today the NUCCA procedure is offered at growing number of accredited chiropractic colleges and through the NUCCA organization’s semi–annual educational conferences that are attended by both chiropractic students and doctors from all over the world. Updates on research conducted by the Upper Cervical Research Foundation are also offered at these seminars.

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