In This Issue:

  • Editorial Comments
  • Errors in the Taking of Cervical X-rays and their Effect on Analysis – by Marshall Dickholtz, Sr., D.C.
  • An Introduction to Patient Education – by D. Gordon Hasick, D.C.
  • Structure and Function: Embryologic Development and the A.S.C. – Ralph R. Gregory, Trust
  • Upper Cervical Influence on the Reticular System – Hal S. Crowe, D.C. and Thomas Kleinman, D.C.
  • Dentate Ligament – Cord Distortion Hypothesis – John D. Grostic, D.C.
  • A NUCCA Data Base for 17 Parameters for both Pre-adjustment – Laurence Nigron, D.C.
  • Letters to the Editor – Steven Goodman, D.c.
  • N.U.C.C.A. News